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- A Motivational Guide To Success, Prosperity and Fulfillment
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The Wise Master Builder
  Divine inspiration and Guide. Motivated to lead you into prosperity with ease. #1 GUARANTEED!
            * The Creative Mind....
            * The Concept Of Money ....
            * Investing In Your Personality
            * Success
            * The Law Of Multiplication
            * Dealing With Negative Situation
            And Many more

Never wish to become like anybody. The true you is that which you can see in your mind. The true you contain all you need in life. All you need to do is to know who you are understand what you have inside you and develop them. Show the world the developed you and receive honour as a reward. The developed you if caste out as a net, can make a big catch. Every single potential in you is important to people. Never underrate what you have because the world needs even the smallest of you and it will come for you if you make it available. People are always willing to give something in exchange for what they need; so that developed potential can fetch you many treasures if only you will use it to serve

Thirty minute on this book will set you on fire that will push you out to reach for success and fulfillment.

As a vision carrier your eyes has to open to opportunities. Never step out when you don't see the grace to go i.e. if you wish to carry out a task and do not have the capacity yet, trying to do it will end up in .......................

I must inform you that you can never do anything unless you have the capacity to do it. You must learn to build your capacity.

If you must be fulfilled in life, if you must find happiness then you must have a pursuit. At every time in your life there should be a dream you are reaching out for , learn to occupy your self with your dream and pursuit.

........So a successful person is one who has made investment in himself and has made positive impact on his environment and on people around him .......

....aspiring or attaining a high place in life is not against Gods will for us. But God is only against fool attaining such positions......

You have to make up your mind to come out of the low life and to reign in life. The best places and positions in life are reserved for you and you must reach it.
Every individual is born with a special destiny and equipped with every necessary gift, talent, skill and opportunities. As you read this book, you will discover how easy it is to become successful and fulfilled.

30min on this book will set you on fire that will stir you to reach for success
Instant download and Paper back Edition
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Prophet Justice Okafor is one of those rare creatures: a highly motivated man who can communicate his inspiration and attitudes to others.

Prophet Justice at young age I encountered one of the deepest and exceptional contact with God, who separated me from the poor societal life standard, known for its  horrible influence, capable of producing   people without hope of survival, people willing to settle for  poverty,   as a result of constant struggle. Aiming high  became a taboo. Just as Moses who was a shepherd, God called him to lead the people of Israel out  of Egypt. So I was chosen by this same God whom by his mercy brought me into  a place of deep Knowledge and insight on how to  live a life of success, prosperity, and fulfillment. This knowledge transformed my life, took me from a level of zero to hero.
Today I am one of the greatest heroes that has ever emerge from my society. Also I am called to liberate millions of people who are suffering the same fate, by communicating my knowledge.  I have confidence that your life will never remain the same, after reading my book. If it changed my life it can change yours too.

I am born In the Eastern part of Nigeria,  a Country In Africa,  in a very humble family and today I am  a n international Figure, My services are needed in many country of the world.           
Copyright 2011 Prophetjustice,
All Right Reserve
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Prophet Justice
Prophet Justice Okafor (The Authority)
President and founder " Virtue and Wisdom Ministry"
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Prophet Justice
Authored by Prophet Justice  Okafor
(The Authority)